• May 23, 2019
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  • Welcome
    Updated On: May 10, 2017


    to Teamsters Local 385's  New Web site. 

    As President of this great Local, I would like to welcome all our hard working members to their Local Union Web site.  I would also like to welcome those who are visiting our site.  Teamsters Local 385 represents a very diverse group of working men and women across the central and North Florida area.  Men and Women who understand the benefit of uniting together to use their collective muscle to obtain and maintain benefits that all Americans should expect from their employer.  Through our collective efforts we bargain over issues that affect all of us.  Today more than ever before, the importance of Union membership has become a top priority of working Men and Women.  In a time of spiraling medical cost, poor economic performance and daily corporate attacks on the average American worker, we can more fully appreciate Union membership and its benefits.  Through our contracts we are able to negotiate benefits that can weather the current economic storm.  Unlike many working men and women who do work under collective bargaining agreements, our members know that their pay and benefits are secure. They are assured that at the drop of the hat, their employer cannot change their rates of pay, medical plans, vacations and other economic benefits because of temporary economic downturns.  The first items a company analyzes during poor economic times are labor costs.  Myself and the Executive Board of Teamsters Local 385 wish to thank the membership for their continuing support and allowing us the honor to serve you, our members.  I look forward to keeping this web site updated with information that benefits you, the working men and women of Florida and to your suggestions to help us to continue to grow the strength and might of our Union.

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