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Teamster Benefits:
In addition to job protection, benefits and wages provided for in Teamster Contracts, the International Union provides for additional services offered at a discounted cost to the membership. Because of the strength and size of our membership, the International is able to negotiate these lower costs for services ranging from legal to medical to financial. We are always on the lookout for ways to save our Teamsters families money and increase their prosperity.
Teamster Privileges (Click here for Link)
A comprehensive package of benefits, services and discounts available only to Teamsters and their families.
  • Teamster Privilege Life Insurance
  • Teamster Privilege Accident Insurance
  • Teamster Privilege Credit Card
  • Teamster Privilege Dental and Health Plan
  • Teamster Privilege Mortgage and Real Estate
  • Teamster Privilege Legal Services
  • Teamster Privilege Loan Program
  • Teamster Privilege Family Savers
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